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Dear Partner,

Welcome to the Siemens Canada Routing Guide.

Inside you will find valuable information pertaining to our logistics and foreign trade program including Siemens Canada locations through our requirements for carrier selection, documentation requirements, foreign trade compliance, penalty structures and carrier performance.

We encourage you to share the guide by distributing it internally throughout your organization.

Information in this guide will help you to maximize efficiency and reduce overall supply chain costs.


The transportation and customs requirements in this guide are an integral part of our vendor agreement.

These standards apply when shipping to any Siemens Canada facility, affiliated Siemens Canada facility, or when shipping to Siemens Canada customer.


Non –compliance will result in charge backs to offset any incremental costs incurred by Siemens Canada.


Thank you for your cooperation in helping us streamline the transportation process and for your continued support of Siemens Canada.




Mohammad Khan
Commodity Manager, Logistics



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