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....Here's a bridge we'd like to sell you. has taken the PDF routing guide to a new and improved level of performance.


Some of the benefits of utilizing include:

  • Bi-directional flow of information, not just pushing a static document

  • Backend administration tools facilitate execution of a vendor compliance strategy

  • Compliance reporting with empirical evidence that supports compliance strategy

  • Formatting and navigation for ease of user access


Our Routing Guide professionals have broad and deep experience with thousands of routing guides; our customers can take advantage of that intellectual capital to enhance their own.  We understand that content is unique amongst customers and that’s a neutral element, but we can give guidance on best practices.  Lastly, our other solutions tie neatly into so that you can continue to harness the benefits of our relationship.


Think about this, is your PDF routing guide fulfilling the expectations associated with your company brand?  How long does it take to execute changes to your routing guide?  How many weeks does it take to track recipient acknowledgements of your updated routing guide? simplifies all of these tasks…In no time, you can:

  • Make changes to carrier assignments AND rules of engagement

  • Instantly and automatically inform all users of the change

In addition, automatically collects acknowledgements and provides you with reports that identify who logged into your routing guide and when.


With your Routing Guide is easier, faster and less costly.

  • Your guide becomes a living document that fully supports your brand. 

  • It is easier for shippers to comply with routing instructions.

  • Communications are improved.

  • You get monthly non compliance and missed consolidation opportunity reports

The World's leading manufacturers, distributors and retailers use to reduce costs and improve compliance.  We invite you to see why The Home Depot, Subaru, Ingram Micro, Navistar, E-Z-Go, Cessna, General Electric and hundreds more are managing their routing guide and compliance with


Our process, method of approach and solution is better, so why not give us a shot?


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