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We are committed to protecting the security of your online transactions.

Security according to Webster’s Dictionary is “the state or feeling of being free from fear, care, danger, etc: safety or a sense of safety.”

There’s nothing more important to us than providing this sense of safety to users.  We know and appreciate how critical your data is and work hard to protect it from falling into the wrong hands.  After careful study of worst-case scenarios, we have developed technology solutions that are designed to overcome those risks.

 Your Data is Secure

To protect data from failure or piracy, we use industry standard efforts (such as firewalls and Secure Socket Layers) and the latest Internet security methods and technologies available to safeguard the confidentiality of  identifiable information and transactions.

Complete system back ups are performed daily and incremental back-ups are performed routinely through out the day. Back-up media is stored both on site and in near off site locations.  Our system drives are mirrored and are fully redundant, thereby significantly reducing system down time in the unlikely event of a hardware failure.

Control your password!

We protect your account information by placing it on the secure portion of our Web site. That's why you have to enter a unique User Name and Password each time you want to access your account information. In addition, you can close your browser to securely exit your account. Your Password should never be shared with anyone

If, despite the foregoing, you lose control of your password, you may lose substantial control over your personally identifiable information and be subject to legally binding actions. Therefore, if your password has been compromised for any reason, contact us immediately.


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