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Improve vendor compliance and communications. 

Reduce excessive freight costs.

Post your routing guide and vendor compliance manual.


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Our process, method of approach and solution is better, but we need to get a copy of your routing guide to prove it to you

Send us a copy of your current routing guide.


With, in less than 10 minutes, you can make changes to your carrier assignments AND rules of engagement (routing guide) and instantly, automatically inform all vendors / customers / employees of the change. What’s more is, automatically collects acknowledgements and provides you with reports that identify who logged into your routing guide and when.

The production, maintenance and distribution of Routing Guides is easier, faster and less expensive by eliminating the need to print, distribute and track the receipt of new or updated Routing Guides. It is easier for shippers to comply with routing instructions by eliminating paperwork, the need to find the most current version of a particular Routing Guide and by providing a simple Route Inquiry tool. Communications are improved as provides a mechanism to convey all of your logistics requirements to your vendors, customers and DC's. Your overall freight expense and costs associated with transportation management are reduced. 


Carriers, customers, and vendors access as needed secure, intuitive, user-friendly screens that enables them to easily obtain and configure correct route assignments, corresponding rules, conditions, and exceptions.

routing guide improves vendor compliance and inbound logistics

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