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The Freescale Global Routing Guide (GRG) is the only source that should be used in the identification of transportation providers, approved service levels, and billing instructions for shipments worldwide where Freescale is responsible for freight payment.

By accessing this site, users confirm compliance to all relevant instructions and conditions.  Any deviations to this guide without express written permission will result in freight charges being rejected and billed back to the shipper by the carrier.

Please note that all shipments that requiring expedited transportation, where additional freight charges apply must be approved prior to the time of shipment. This is done either through the internal Freescale” Web Tool” process or through the Capital Bid procedure when special handling is needed to ensure shipment integrity. Reference |Special Handling| , |Capital / Sensitive Electronic Equipment| and |Expedited shipments| sections of this guide. These sections also cover local pick up, hazmat, dangerous goods, temp control shipments, and chemical transportation.

The Freescale GRG also provides important shipment information such as requirements for Customs Invoices, Compliance Contacts and Logistics Contacts. These instructions should be adhered to at all times to prevent additional cost and cycle time.

A few important things to know:

  • Freescale is self insured and does not request or pay for carrier provided insurance or “declared value” for liability purposes.

  • Advanced approval from your local Freescale Logistics Management contact is required on ALL non standard carrier use.

  • Default payment terms – Bill Third Party or Inbound Collect using provided Freescale account number. Do not ship COD.

  • Shipment reference number is required – use Freescale PO number, cost center, or Customs Invoice number.

  • DDP - INCO terms where Freescale is the shipper must be approved by Freescale Global Trade Compliance.

  • Only Global Trade Compliance can sign a power of attorney authorizing customs declaration services.

  • Freescale will not pay for any 3rd party to 3rd party shipments where Freescale is not the consignee or shipper.

To facilitate ease of use, the |ROUTING GUIDE| section makes of drop down menus and specific input fields. US shippers should note that the weight measurement is in kilos and all shippers should ensure the input of Dimensional Weight.



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